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    Here are a few treasures CBVA members made at convention.  WOW!    



2016 "Dream Weavers"

Pat Moritz    Boone, N. C       


We are proud to call Pat a member of CVBA! 

She is an artist who uses many types of weaving materials and techniques. 

North Carolina Basketmakers Association sponsors an amazing convention each March. 

Pat is one of the weavers who submit projects to the Exhibit Room to display

work by professional and general weavers.  Enjoy these pictures of Pat's winners. 


She used bark, pine needles, waxed linen, paper, porcupine quills, beads and thousands of hours. 





2015 CVBA Winners at NCBA "Weaving in Carolina"









2014 "Basket Collector II"


CVBA's raffle offering--basket by Tika Tucker                                





Projects were made with cedar, metals,

cane, cotton cord, willow, paper, dyed

and natural reed.  Some baskets were

random weave and others had very specific patterns.

2013:"The Case for Baskets" 




  'Flat Stanley' and Ginger are working together.







NCBA 2011 Convention